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Joining the Telx Internet Exchange (TIE)

Connections to a TIE switch can be Gigabit Ethernet via muli-mode or single-mode fiber or 10 Gigabit Ethernet via single-mode fiber.

To join please complete a connection request.

Before your port and IP assignments are made, you will receive a service order from Telx. The service order will include the one time charges, and your first month of reoccurring fees. Once a signed service order is received, you will be given a port assignment, and an IP address. Telx will then run a cross connect to your equipment if you are located inside a Telx facility. If you need a third party cross connect, Telx will provide a Letter of Authorization and a Facility assignment for the third party.

Once you are connected you must peer with our Route Veiwers (RV). The RV should never advertise any routes to you so you might want to filter all incoming advertisments from the RV. We ask that you send your "standard" peering routes to the RV. The data collected by the RV is used for monitoring and support purposeses. The RVs use the ASN 65535 and are always the ".1" IP on the TIE (ex. Atlanta is

Once you are connected you will probably want to contact the current participants about peering. 

You can peer with the TIE Route Servers to automatically peer with many participants.

To become listed as an active participant, you will be required to peer with the Route Viewer (the viewer will not advertise any routes, and the routes received will only be used for data collection and reporting).

Don't forget to read and follow the AUP!

We strongly recommend that participants join, and keep up to date, the PeeringDB. By doing so, you help keep your information avaiable to the "peering" community, and help ensure that others will be more likely to peer with you.

If you have any questions let us know at